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~ Welcome to our Family Owned and Operated Ranch ~

The Mission of Beaver Brook Ranch is to provide the following benefits to our customers that live in our local community:

1.  Quality: Provide ultra pristine, great tasting, healthy 100% Grass Fed and Finished Beef by utilizing a lush pasture rotational grazing program.
2. Transparency:  Provide a fully transparent supply chain that only includes 2 touch points prior to being delivered direct to you —–> Our ranch and our local USDA inspected gourmet butcher, who Dry Ages the beef for 14-15 days and custom cuts the steaks and roasts to your specification.
3. Value:  Provide high quality locally Raised, Dry Aged 100% Grass Fed Beef in 1/8 (45-60 lbs) or 1/4 (90-120lbs) shares at a reasonable price that includes free local delivery.

We invite you to hear from our customers, that have tried our Dry Aged 100% Grass Feed Beef.

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