I reserved my share package, now what?

Reserved your Share, Now What?

Can we visit the Ranch?
Customers are offered a tour of Beaver Brook Ranch when they pick up their order by appointment.

Do you have a store front and hours of operation?
Currently you can only buy our Dry Aged 100% Grass Fed Beef in 1/8 or 1/4 share packages online, we offer free local delivery (within 35 miles of Hope, NJ),  or you can pick up your order at the Ranch, or we can meet you in Doylestown or Conshohocken, PA.

Next year we will be offering the option of buying individual cuts on select days at the farm as well as on our website.

How do I place my order?

Please click on the Reserve Now button.   This will allow you to reserve your 1/8 or 1/4 share package.  In order to reserve your 1/8 or 1/4 share, we ask you to make a deposit of $100 or $150 respectively.  Once you place your order, we will confirm your order by email within 24 hours and send you a guide on how to select your custom cuts and schedule delivery or pick up date that is convenient for you.

Is the meat cut and packaged? 
Absolutely.  Your share package is cut into individual cuts based on your specification,  vacuum packaged and labeled with the name of the cut.

Is the meat frozen?
Of course.  To lock in the maximum freshness, your custom cut steaks and roasts are flash frozen and frozen when we deliver or you pick up your order.

How do I defrost the steaks, roasts or ground beef?

See Article, Defrosting : “The Do’s and Don’ts” 

How long will the cuts keep in the freezer?
At least a year.  


Can I cook the steaks “sous vide”  in the vacuum bags? 

The vacuum bags are NOT for cooking.  If you would like to cook in bags, you will need to repacked in cooking version bags.

What is the difference between live, hanging and take home weight? 

Live Weight (LW) – This is what the animal weighed on the hoof, or when it was alive.  The live weight for our cows usually averages around 1000-1100 lbs.

Hanging Weight (HW) –  This is the weight that the butcher gives us after the animal has been taken back to the butcher shop to hang.   The weight difference from live to hanging is from loss of water, blood, head, hide, hooves, viscera, lungs and heart. The hanging weight is usually about 60% of the live weight.

1000 lb cow would have a hanging weight of 600 lbs (estimated)

Take Home Weight –  This is the weight of the meat that each customer will bring home.    This weight is usually about 60% of the hanging weight. 5% is water weight lost during the 2-3 week drying period that the carcass is hung (or “cured”).  Then about another 35% is lost during the cutting process.

Most Supermarket meat is wet-aged, which means the water/moisture does not evaporate and the meat tends to be tougher.  The customer does not realize that they pay a higher amount per lb due to the “water weight”

What is the estimated cost of a 1/4 Share Package?

$5.55 x 1/4 of the hanging weight (estimated 150 -200 lbs)  = Price Range ($832 – $1,110)

What is the approximate freezer space needed to store a 1/4 share package? 

4 -5 cubic feet

What are dimensions of the Haier 7.1 cu ft chest freezer supplied as part of the 1/4 share package PLUS?

100% Grass Fed Beef

How long do you Dry Age your premium 100% Grass Fed Beef? 

Dry-aging beef is essentially allowing whole or primal cuts of beef to hang in a humidity controlled environment with a constant flow of air in temperatures between 34 -36 degrees for 2 to 3 weeks.

Why do this? There are three main benefits to dry aging:

  1. Tenderization as enzymes break down tougher muscles and connective tissues.
  2. Concentration of flavor as moisture is lost. This can also cause substantial weight loss due to decrease in water volume, which is why dry-aged beef can be more expensive.
  3. Increased flavor complexityas fat begins to oxidize and multiple enzymatic and bacterial actions occur. Similar to what happens with wine or cheese.

We dry-age our grass-fed beef for 12- 15 days, which results in what we believe to be the right balance of flavor and tenderness.

What does an average* 1/4 share contain? 

Prior to delivery, we will send you a final invoice that contains the hanging weight and a summary report (example below) that contains the # of cuts by type and the total weight.

* Hanging Weight was 190 lbs 


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