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In order for us to provide the highest quality product at the best possible price, we only sell our Dry Aged 100% Grass Fed & Finshed Beef direct to you, in share packages.  

Share Package Options:

Beaver Brook Ranch

Approximately 60 % of the Take Home Weight will be DRY AGED PRIME steaks, roasts


40 % ground beef and stew cube

You can customize the type of cuts, the thickness of your steaks and  the weight of your roasts. 

We cover all of the costs associated with processing, dry aging, custom butchering to your specification,vacuum packaging, and labeling in a USDA approved facility.

  Your share of steaks & roasts will be evenly split between the forequarter and hindquarter.

Forequarter CutsHindquarter Cuts

View a List of Cuts by clicking on the Images

~Hanging and Take Home Weight may vary based on the individual cow~  




       Typical 1/4 Share (Summary Sheet) 

        Most Popular Option:    


1/4 Share

1/4 Share Package PLUS
Quarter Share Plus Package


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