1/4 Share (Deposit) + Free Local Delivery in March


The deposit reserves your 1/4 share and the remaining is due upon delivery

1.  1/4 Share Package ($5.55 per lb / hanging weight)

Premium Dry Aged 100% Grass Fed Beef

150-200lbs hanging weight yields 90-120lbs of Dry Aged 100% Grass Fed custom cut steaks, roasts and ground beef

2.  Free Local Delivery of your 1/4 share package 

(within 35 miles of the Ranch in Hope, NJ)


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In order for us to provide the highest quality product at the best possible price, we only sell our Premium Dry Aged 100% Grass Fed Beef direct to you, in 1/4 share packages. 

A 1/4 share package is approximately 150-200 pounds/hanging weight (90-120 lb Take Home Weight)

  • You only pay $5.55/lb on the hanging weight 
  • Your custom package is prepared to your specifications.
  • You will receive an equal share of your steaks, roasts and ground beef from the forequarter and hindquarter.  
  • You can customize the type of cuts, weight and thickness of your steaks and roasts.   
  • We cover all of the costs associated with processing, dry aging, custom cuts prepared to your specification ,vacuum packaging, and labeling in a USDA approved facility.
        ~ Hanging and Take Home Weight may vary based on the individual cow.